Closer to Free Fund— a joint effort of Yale Cancer Center and Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven

December 5, 2018

Data Makes a Difference

Recently USADATA was privileged to work with Closer to Free Fund, a joint effort of Yale Cancer Center and Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven. Closer to Free provides essential funding for breakthrough cancer research and compassionate patient care by combining the gifts of many donors. This support is critical to ensure that new research can be pursued without delay, promising treatments are aggressively developed and patient care is continuously enhanced.(1)

Reaching qualified donors and building awareness are goals of any fundraising effort. Closer to Free Fund turned to USADATA to help
develop, implement and test a multi-channel campaign to reach 200,000 people in the target area over a four month period.

Multi-faceted Campaign

USADATA took a multi-faceted, systematic approach to developing the campaign. Working with Closer to Free’s current donor database,
USADATA utilized modeling and Look-Alike Reporting to identify the target audience with the highest propensity to become new donors. In addition, USADATA was able to append and update email addresses through a permission-based process of their current donor database to expand their communication channels and reach.

Priority was given to the quality and deliverability of the list. USADATA ran both the current donor database and the list of new potential donors through nine database hygiene processes to ensure the cleanest, most deliverable file available, which also complied with consumer privacy preferences.

The multi-channel campaign utilized both targeted mailing lists for the direct mail campaign and a series of email deployments (100% CANSPAM compliant) that reinforced the marketing message. Reporting was delivered within a week of the campaign’s deployment, providing not only open and clickthrough metrics, but insight into the components of the campaign that resonated with prospects to help USADATA refine the campaign’s subsequent deployments.

Successful Results, Significant Impact

Judged by the monetary results, the campaign was very successful. Closer to Free was able to generate 1,250 new donors with and
average first gift value of $89. Our client, Susan Frankenbach confirmed, “I believe that the success of the program was in large part due to the profiling you did of our current donors and applying that data to who you selected for the mailing list.”

“Between the two mailings and the two follow-up eblasts, we acquired 1250 new donors with an average first-time gift of $89. I was overwhelmed as we received new donor contributions that regularly were $100 gifts. Also, through your list, we received a first-time donation from a local individual for $10,000—that was truly astounding!”

Susan Frankenbach, Senior Project Manager
Yale Cancer Center Office
of Development
New Haven, CT

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