La-Z-Boy Pierce Furniture

May 31, 2019

Store History

Pierce Furniture & Mattress has been an Iowa staple since 1900. Pierce Furniture is a full-service home furnishings retail and LA-Z-BOY Comfort Studio, offering in-home design consulting, an interactive room planner, financing, and a delivery radius that extends over 50 miles.


Pierce Furniture wants to reach as many qualified customers as possible in the surrounding store area. Since they do not offer e-commerce on the website, proximity to the store is crucial.


The store has been participating in LA-Z-BOY Comfort Studio email campaigns for nearly every sales event in 2018, using their LA-Z-BOY incentive. The July 4 email campaign delivered 10,000 emails to qualified prospects in a radius around the store. Emails feature store name and location, pricing on select products, store hours and “shop” buttons, which click through directly to the store’s website. Analytics reports are generated a few days after the campaign.


USADATA was able to calculate Pierce Furniture’s return on investment (ROI) by running a “match back” analysis. People who purchased items at Pierce Furniture over a 60-day period following the deploy of the email were “matched back” with prospects who opened the LA-Z-BOY July 4 email. Of the 877 prospects who opened the LA-Z-BOY email, 39 people went into the store and purchased an item. Total sales were $55,340.00.

ROI for this campaign was calculated as follows:

  • Each email campaign costs $250.00 (used as incentive and paid by LA-Z-BOY)
  • For each $1.00 spent on the July 4 email campaign, the store earned $221.36

LA-Z-BOY Pierce Furniture $55,340 total sales
LA-Z-BOY Pierce Furniture

Testimonial & Quotes

I had no issues signing up for all the sales events at once, and I have a schedule posted here, so I know when the campaigns go out. I don’t remember all the [analytic] reports, but the last one I remember made sense, and I know I can call USADATA if I need anything. Anything I can do to get more customers is great, especially if it’s free. A lot of older people have email these days–you would be surprised. A big part of our business is older people moving, or moving into assisted living and they want new things, especially recliners.
Dave & Curt Pierce

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