La-Z-Boy Wolf Furniture

May 31, 2019

Store History

Wolf Furniture Galleries has been a fixture in the Northwest Kansas community since 1997, when Ken Wolf built a 30,000 square foot building in the middle of a cornfield, following his vision of a bustling family business with an emphasis on products made in America. Hays, Kansas is an urban area now surrounded by agriculture, historically significant locations [“Boot Hill”] and a downtown of quaint brick commercial buildings.


Ken Wolf and his son, Preston, sought to expand their brand’s reach outside the town of 25,000 residents with the intention of reaching prospective customers who browse and research furniture online before going into a store.


Wolf Furniture Galleries used their LA-Z-BOY email campaign incentive for the January 4, 2019 Inventory Overstock campaign, delivering 10,000 emails to a database of qualified prospects within a 50-mile radius around the store. The subject line read: “Save BIG during our La-Z-Boy Inventory Overstock Sale” and the email included images of LA-Z-BOY products and pricing and linked directly to the store’s website.


Using the store’s sales records, USADATA was able to “match back” people who purchased items at Wolf Furniture Galleries from a 30-day period of prospects who received the January 4 email. Of the 755 prospects who opened the LA-Z-BOY email, 8 people went into the store and made a purchase from as far as 25 miles away. Total sales were $8,707.00.

USADATA calculated Wolf Furniture Galleries’ return on investment (ROI) as follows:

  • Each email campaign costs $250.00 (used as incentive and paid by LA-Z-BOY).
  • For each $1.00 spent on the January 4 email campaign, the store earned $34.82.

LA-Z-BOY Wolf Furniture $8,707 total sales
LA-Z-BOY Wolf Furniture

Testimonial & Quotes

The Wolf family couldn’t be happier. For Preston, it’s reaching all the prospective customers around the northwest Kansas area, which has only about 60,000 people. “there are a lot of little-bitty towns in the area and everyone comes to Hays to do business.” For Ken, it’s getting the word out about LA-Z-BOY, a relationship that has always made him proud. “I can remember when Kurt Darrow [now CEO of LA-Z-BOY] called me up Thanksgiving weekend 1997 and said LA-Z-BOY was happy to be a part of Wolf Furniture Galleries. Being a LA-Z-BOY dealer, nothing else even compares.”

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