HVAC Company Generated $9.67 for every $1 spent

October 24, 2019

Company Background

Our client is a leading provider of plumbing, air conditioner repairs and electrical services in the greater Houston, TX metro area with a reputation for top-notch service and the highest quality workmanship.


A Home Services Company was looking to drive new customers and increase in home appointments during their key season. To achieve their goals, the home services company turned to our full-service marketing solutions for help.


We utilized our rich database of offline, online, and mobile data to customize a hyper-local target audience for the home services company. The custom audience included individuals located in the Houston MSA with a specific home market value and age of their home. Then, we delivered a multi-channel campaign to reach the targeted individuals across the media platforms they frequent most – email, mobile and desktop – with personalized offers for an A/C Tune up.


Post-campaign, we ran a match back analysis to measure our performance. The point-of-sale data showed that there were over 367 booked appointments and $9.67 return on ad spend from out multi-channel campaign efforts. With powerful, hyper-targeted audiences and optimized multi-channel campaign delivery, the home services company was able to drive in home appointments and increase sales.


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