5 Reasons Why Mailing Lists Should be in Your Marketing Arsenal

Looking for a new way to connect with future customers? Direct mailing lists are helping marketers see stellar ROI. According to a study done by MarketingSherpa, 76% of consumers trust direct mail when they want to make a purchase decision, over digital channels. Another study done by Small Biz Trends found that 80-90% of direct mail gets opened compared to only 20-30% of email.

1 Mailing list marketing supports your other marketing and advertising efforts
You may already have a fantastic website and tweet about your latest specials. However, even if mailing lists seem “old school,” they offer a customer touchpoint that’s not possible online. For instance, your customers may not see your latest Tweet, or find you in the search results. But they do regularly check their mail. And if your customers do find you online and hear your radio ads, seeing your mailer helps reinforce top-of-mind awareness and show that you are the go-to resource.

2 You can precisely target your ideal prospect
Why do targeted mailing lists provide such stellar returns? The answer: The ability to specifically target your messaging and send it to people who are interested in what you have to offer. If you’re a dentist searching for new patients, new mover mailing lists introduce your services to folks new to the area. Or if you’re a broker advertising a new property, your mailing list could be filtered by recipient zip code, household income, and how long ago they purchased their home. You can even target by hobbies, lifestyle interests, and product purchases, ensuring that your offer fits your prospects’ profile.

3 Mailing lists make targeting businesses easy
Mailing lists provide quality sales leads for just about every industry imaginable. Do you offer special, high-tech dental equipment? There’s a mailing list for that! If you offer time-saving solutions for insurance agents, mailing lists provide your business solid sales leads.

4 In-house mailing lists help you keep in touch with your customers
When’s the last time you contacted your current customers? Sending a direct mail piece to your customers is a great way to tell them about your latest specials – and help them remember your business when they need what you offer. If your list is more than three months old, consider having a mailing list company update your data through NCOA Link (National Change of Address.) That way, you’ll know your mailer is reaching the right person at the right address – and you’ll save money on deliverable mail costs.

5 Reaching an entirely new market is simple
Sure, you love your local business. But what about gaining new business from across town – or even across the nation? Whatever your marketing goals, mailing lists can help you expand your business horizons, helping you reach customers you haven’t previously targeted. Think about it: If you received just 10 more customers by sending out a mailer to a new geographic area, how much money would your business make?

If mailing list marketing is new to you, don’t worry. USADATA’s team of data and digital specialists have helped over 100,000 businesses, across all industries, find new customers and we want to do the same for you.

Direct mail can be used as part of a successful marketing campaign to generate leads with focus and tracking, so reach out to us to see how we can help you incorporate this into your strategy! We’re good at what we do, we care, and we’re here to help.

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